negligent truck driving

Types of Driver Truck Negligence

As compared to a car, the enormous size of a truck and its power is likely to cause severe accidents. This is because when a truck is involved in a crash, it leaves victims devastated both emotionally and physically. This means that a truck driver’s negligence is likely to change a victim’s life instantly. You should note that truckers can be negligent in several ways, like violating the basic traffic laws and federal trucking regulations.  A negligent truck driver is likely to cause accidents. The following are some common forms of trucking negligence.

Lack of proper training

When a trucker does not command knowledge of truck driving, handling the load, and how to control the vehicle during bad weather, it may increase the risk of the wreck for people sharing the road.

Exceeding hours of service

working long hoursWhen a driver exceeds HOS rules usually as a result of tight deadlines for cargo delivery, a driver may violate HOS laws. Remember that there are federal laws that stipulate how long the drivers can be driving. Also, trucking companies ought to follow these rules.

Aggressive driving

In some instances, drivers drive aggressively particularly when they have tight deadlines. Thus, they might speed, follow closely, engage in reckless activities, and change lanes unsafely to get to their destinations.

Illegal drug use and prescription

Certain truckers are likely to use medication and some other drugs so that they can be awake while driving. Moreover, they may use sleeping pills so that they can rest when not driving. Such effects can exhibit when a driver is driving on the road.

Talking or texting on the phone

This is quite dangerous for any particular driver. A driver who is in command of a massive vehicle that carries possibly toxic and heavy loads, this can be quite dangerous. The law prohibits drivers from talking or texting on mobile devices when driving.

Proving trucking negligence

truck negligence accidentsTo hold a trucking company or a driver who is liable for injuries, you need to establish the negligence of a driver. A lawyer knows how to prove the negligence of a truck driver. Thus, you need to consult an attorney whether it is worth to pursue the case or not. Also, you should not provide a recorded statement to the insurance company before consulting your attorney.

The lawyer will assist you to collect the necessary evidence that establishes the driver’s negligence and demonstrates the extent of damages. This is likely to include records and medical bills to prove the total cost of injuries.…