Meditation is a great way to relax and forget about the bad memories you have had. It uplifts your spirits. But intrusive thoughts keep on spoiling the moment. You are not alone in this, even the most experienced meditators get intrusive thoughts, it is normal. After learning this truth, how then are we supposed to handle intrusive thoughts in the middle of a meditation section, it is simple, acknowledge that it is normal, smile and refocus. It sounds simple right, but how then do you fully refocus and kick off the plan and ideas running through your mind? Below are ways on how to conquer the thoughts and worries to even deeper meditation.

How to stop thinking, worrying and start meditating

Get ready

You must be prepared for an effective meditation. Spare 20 minutes and note down all your worries and thoughts before going for meditation. Write down every idea and thought that crosses your mind at the moment. Do not ignore any no matter how crazy and irrational they might sound. The crazy ones are the most useful. Fold the paper and throw it away, this way, the right side of your brain has released the thoughts. At such a moment your brain will only be left with what is important and knows how to deal with it. You are now ready for meditation.

Get friendly

You will still get those thoughts even after undergoing preparation in step one above. Worry not about them, do not even fight them. Let them flow and see what idea comes next. At that moment smile and let yourself know that you are still normal. When thoughts come during meditation, it means one thing, you are doing it right.

Get spiritual

You can decide to open your mind to a spiritual experience. Lift up your thoughts to the mind of God. Such deepens your meditation. If you realize a distracting, frightening or frustrating thought, give it to God. Release yourself and thoughts to the larger truth of God. Let such phrases run through your mind, “I open myself to your truth” “I release my heart to your amazing love” meditation can take you to places you have never been before.

Get support

If the thoughts cannot go away, you can try guided imagery. It helps you relax into meditation as someone guides you. It will help you stay focused and deepens your meditation. Give it a try; you will be surprised how amazing the experience turns out.