Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Destination

wedding destinations

Picking the best wedding venue can be a very overwhelming task. Some couples find themselves disagreeing at the time they are supposed to stay together due to their different opinions and preferences. There are several factors that influence the choice of a wedding destination. Apart from funds, the venue of your wedding sets the tone of the ceremony. Since there are many wedding destinations all around the world, it can be even more challenging to choose the perfect paradise for your day. Therefore, it requires you to be informed about the criteria used in selecting the best wedding destination. For instance, if you’re planning a wedding, take a look at these napa valley elopements available here and enjoy your big day. And for that reason, below is a comprehensive guideline on the key things to consider when choosing a wedding destination.


Elements of weather can favor or spoil the moment for you and the guests. Some couples settle for a given location without considering the weather conditions of that place. Imagine a situation where the rain starts to fall heavily in the middle of your ceremony before you even take vows. That is why it is very important for you to consider the weather conditions of a given place before booking it. Try to figure out the time you want to get married and the optimal weather conditions you prefer.

The budget

wedding elopement areasYou should be concerned about your budget that of the guests before making your decision. You cannot choose a destination from abroad without apprehending the financial status of the guests. Make sure you choose a destination that every guest can easily access without incurring too many costs. If you are holding your big day in an expensive resort and you expect your guests to buy their food, trust me the turn out may be alarming especially when they are not able to cater for that. They rather stay at home and send their gifts instead of coming to spend heavily. Some guests can opt to rent a different hotel; therefore, you must factor in how your decision may affect their pockets.

Your personal preference

This is dictated by how public or private you want your event to appear. Some places like game parks and other public places can be booked, but public movement may not be restricted. Therefore, you will make your decision based on how public or private you want your event to be. Some of these places include public beaches, game parks, and several hotels. If you mind your privacy and you want to invite few friends and family member to witness your marriage, you can choose venues that have the public restriction. You can make a hotel reservation or use the backyard of your home.


Safety should be among the most prioritized factors in choosing a wedding destination. You do not want to endanger your life, partner and guests’ because of poor choices. Make sure the location is secure regarding safety and medical accessibility. Some regions that are prone to terrorism experience bombs in places where people gather. Make sure you inform the local authorities about the event before anything. And if the venue is insecure, avoid it completely.

Carrying capacity

Make sure the venue is spacious, and it can accommodate all your guests. Try to visit various wedding venues before making your final decision. A pre-visit will help you determine the number of guests that can fit in that given place.