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Choosing the right Battery for your Mod

If you are interested to learn about batteries and obscure references to wattage, discharge rate, Amperage, and Ohmns, just join a vaping convention. For a beginner, the subject may be a bit impenetrable. In any case, you can enjoy vaping safely without diving into the subject. This post will help you head in the appropriate direction.


When choosing ego power unit for your vaping mod, there are two important specifications to look for:

  • Capacity of the battery
  • Continuous discharge

Therefore, when selecting a battery, which is suited to type of vaping, you should go for batteries that have a low discharge. Usually, high discharge batteries have a low capacity.vaping mod battery

Battery sliding scale

You need to consider two important factors when choosing batteries for vaping mod. Remember that there is a symbiotic balance between the two specifications. These include:

  • Density – This means the duration in which the battery is going to last. This is measured in maH or mAh.
  • Discharge – This is simply the rate of current that battery can deliver. It is considered as the power because of the high current and high wattage output.

In an ideal world, you should choose a battery with highest amperage and highest mAh possible. Unfortunately, our technology is yet to get there. Also, the small size means that there is a tradeoff between high current and capacity.

When you choose a high power battery, it means you ought to accept lower capacity. The truth is that the battery sliding scale is unavoidable and non-negotiable. If it has high density, then it means it has a low discharge rate. Nowadays, batteries are just getting better and soon we will have great batteries.


This is an important consideration. You may have heard about vaping explosions. You will be surprised to note that it is not the battery which is used.

Important tips

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When choosing a battery for your vaping mod, you should follow the following three steps:

  1. Look at the mod and see whether it is a mechanical mod. You should note that mechanical mods are meant for advanced users only that have adequate knowledge of batteries.
  2. Look at battery type chart and ensure you choose the right one. If you are not sure, avoid picking mechanical mods as they draw a lot of current and require batteries.
  3. Look for a great battery in its class. With good research, you can find several options.