Rules for plus size women

Petite women get all when it comes to fashion. Almost all fashion shows show skinny girls with six-inch heels on the runway. It is unfortunate for plus size because they have a limited choice when it comes to styles and fashion. To make it easy for them, below are some general rules for the big sized woman. If you are not financially stable, the tips below will help you make the right fashion decisions.

Rules for the plus size

Say no baggy clothes

People think that baggy clothes hide the big arms and tummy. This is not true. Put on something that perfectly fits you and hugs your curves at the right parts. Search for brands that purely deal with plus size wear; they will give you the right options and sizes.

Confidence and comfort

You must achieve the above in every dress you put on. You can never be confident if you are not comfortable in what you are wearing. You must feel effective and comfortable in your clothes irrespective of your size. You do not have to play with fashion rules all the time; at times set your own rules.

Get yourself a shapewear

Many people believe that shapewear hides your body fat, this is not the case. It just brings your curves together and helps tone your body such that you can wear more clothes without much struggle. You can put on anything as long as you have your shapewear on. The shapewear you purchase must be made of a comfortable and stretchy fabric.

V-neck tops

This is ideal for pear-shaped bodies. These tops accentuate your upper body. That way attention will be shifted to the center of the body. Such tops are ideal for ladies with heavy legs.

Never wear crop tops

Yes, they are trending all over, but crop tops are not for everyone. If you are plus size, stick to long tops. They help cover the flab on the tummy and waist area. If you must put on a crop top, match it with high waist trousers.

Put on the right makeup

Nothing competes with a beautiful face. Before doing your makeup understand the occasion and the dress code. As long as they match the event, go for anything that accelerates your facial beauty. If you do not know how to do makeup, please get a specialist to help you. People will already be noticing you because of your size, do not want to draw more attention with bad makeup.



Uses of coconut oil

Something about coconut oil has been going around; people seem to be crazy and obsessed with coconut oil. The oil has many uses, and it is versatile. Most people use it for cooking In place of other fats like butter. It has other numerous uses too. You should note that coconut oil is very healthy. Below are some other uses.

Uses of coconut oil

  • Flavor. Coconut oil has this interesting flavor. It is therefore used to add an amazing flavor to baked foods.
  • It can be used as an energy booster. You can try replacing sugar and caffeine with coconut oil.
  • Coffee Creamer. Coconut is used to make an amazing coffee creamer as well. If you do want to do away with your caffeine, the creamer helps you boost your energy. The taste will be amazing too. This is a great way to start your day.
  • Beauty creams. Coconut oil is used to make beauty creams as well. The natural oil will give you more benefits that you could imagine.
  • Facial use. You can use coconut oil to blend wrinkles away, remove makeup and as a hydrator. You will not have your face or eyes burned by coconut oil, and it will protect your from skin cracking and sunburns.
  • Wounds. Most antiseptic chemicals used to heal wounds mostly burn the skin. This will not be the case with coconut oil. It will soothe the rash, burn, wound and kill any bacteria causing infections.
  • Hair remedies. Nowadays hair products contain chemicals that are no longer hair friendly. They will make your hair strip and fall eventually. Coconut oil, however, keeps the moisture in the scalp. It will repair any damaged hair leaving the ends soft and strong.
  • Homemade solutions. You can make a useful and moisturizing lip balm with coconut oil. Because the oil is already stiff, it will be easy applying it on the lips. It can be used as a shaving cream too. Here is your remedy if you get irritation after shaving. Mix a little of coconut oil and moisturizer to prevent razor burns and irritation.
  • Other Uses
    Massage oil, sunscreen, makeup brush cleaner and insect repellent. All the above are benefits of coconut oil. Do not feel shy when it comes to using it. Since it is very natural, the chances of your body rejecting it are minimal. It is affordable and lasts longer, using it will help you save.

Welcome to Barking Spider Pottery


Rebecca Plummer and Jon Ellenbogen have operated the Barking Spider Pottery for over 28 years. Their passive solar home and studio is built above the Toe River in the North Carolina mountains. They have twin sixteen-year-old sons, Alexander and Christopher.

Rebecca was born in 1951 in West Chester, PA. She holds a bachelor’s degreee in philosophy and has taken classes at West Chester State, Alfred University, and Penland School of Crafts. Together with Jon she has exhibited in numerous local and national shows.

Jon was born in 1941 in Brooklyn, NY. He was trained as an engineer at The Cooper Union and holds a PhD from Columbia University. After working on the anti-ballistic missile project at Bell Laboratories and teaching engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, he took a ceramics class at Penland School of Crafts, where he met Rebecca. He’s been a potter ever since.

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